“Adolescence is a period of rapid changes. Between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, a parent can age as much as twenty years.”

–Quote on my refrigerator growing up

Here’s what parents are saying about working with Educational Consultant, Cindy Muchnick, M.A.

“Thank you, Cindy, for all of your shared insights on the college prep process. Hayden was very pumped after our talk and his mental wheels are spinning.” Foothill High School Parent

I wanted to be sure Bob and I reached out to you to thank you for all you have done for [Mary] and for us. [Mary] is very excited by her choice to attend American University.  We appreciate everything you did in working with [Mary] to pick a good selection of schools, to apply (early even!) and to manage the acceptance process.  We just can’ t thank you enough. We have referred another family to you.

Corona Del Mar Parent

“I wanted to let you know that Mark’s counselor sent us an email telling us how thankful she was to Mark for being ahead of the game and having his essays and application done because she is being bombarded by draft essays.  She said that it is a true sign of his great character.  I wanted you to know because this complement belongs to you.  Everyone else is following [the school’s] timeline.  Mark followed yours, so the complement belongs to you. . . . You do more than push along.  You help them navigate a ridiculous rigorous course.  You played devil’s advocate with him.  . . .   You made him ask the right questions of himself . . . Thanks again.”

Sage High School Parent

Thank you again for all your help with [Sandra]!  This is a difficult process and you have truly made it easier!!  Again, a million Thank you.

Sage Hill High School Parent

“Thank you very much for the time . . . Rick was impressed by your knowledge and inspired by your comments. He was very happy on the way home. Now he embarks on the work required to complete the applications successfully.  I sincerely appreciate you talking to Rick. Thanks.”

Wilson High School Parent

Cindy – thanks for all you have been doing to help her through this process.  You are amazing – you have kept her fired up and kept our home life peaceful. Many thanks.

Corona Del Mar High School Parent

“Cindy – we are very grateful to you for agreeing to add [Karen] to your group of students for this year!  She is very excited about working with you, and I think you are going to be an incredible resource and mentor for her.”

Corona Del Mar High School Parent

We are so grateful for all of your hard work and support.  You really made the difference in helping us navigate this overwhelming process

Laguna Beach High School Parent

“Cindy, thanks again for fitting [Staci] in to your program.  What you will do will be a real load off of us parents.”

Corona Del Mar High School Parent

Dear Cindy, I can not express enough how helpful your note was.  You opened our eyes to how the change from AP French to Spanish 1 could have a negative effect on [Joe’s] transcript . . . [He] decided to step up to the plate and stick with AP French. Thank you again!

Sage Hill High School Parent

“I absolutely appreciate your effort and feel you are worth every cent (and then some) with all the work you do!”

Laguna Beach High School Parent

It was very nice meeting with you last night.  When Cameron got into the car, he told his sister he is starting to get an idea of what he will do with his life.  Pretty amazing impact you made on just a couple hours. Thank you again.

Dana Hills High School Parent

“I just wanted to thank you for meeting with [Sue] and me last night.   I feel much better about where she is at going in to summer.  I know [Sue] is shy to go to her teachers for help, so hopefully your encouraging words (instead of mine) will be the incentive she needs!”

J. Serra High School Parent

“Cindy, THANK YOU for all that you did this summer for Lauren. We knew that she was in the very best of hands and we were just thrilled with Lauren’s attitude/response to your exceptional counsel. We did not hear one complaint about her “homework” and/or scheduled meetings with you. As a result, stress was minimized and Lauren’s confidence elevated. What a fantastic way to start senior year!” Terry E., Santa Margarita Parent

“Cindy, Thank you for your reply and answers. We certainly do appreciate you taking the time last evening to respond [to my e-mail inquiry about college interviews] and offering your words of wisdom. Quite simply, you are the best!!!! Thanks, as always.”

Santa Margarita High School Parent

“Cindy, you have been a life saver this summer, [Joe] has enjoyed this whole process because of your efforts. The story would have gone “My mom nagged at me all summer” (and we got nothing done!). I thank you.” Sage Hill Parent

“It was a good meeting and you have got us all thinking. You have a lot of enthusiasm for your work and it is contagious.” Foothill High School Parent

“Our daughter Rachael began working with Cindy in the fall of 2001. At the time, Rachael was a senior and had already begun the application process. Rachael had ten universities selected and had completed most of the biographical and scholastic information on the applications. Cindy arrived on the scene with a wealth of knowledge, information, enthusiasm and editing skills. We found ourselves very stressed with the prospect of meeting the application deadlines. Cindy was very upbeat and very accessible. Over the course of six weeks Cindy reviewed Rachael’s applications, edited essays that Rachael had already written, brainstormed ideas for further essays required and provided tremendous inspiration and moral support. Cindy also evaluated college choices with Rachael and added one more college. As acceptances and rejections came in Cindy continued to provide guidance and support for Rachael and ultimately helped her with her final college selection.” Jane Cohen Greene

Tarbut V’ Torah Parent

“What a great list, Cindy. We really cannot thank you enough. You are truly the very best!!” Ceci T.

Corona del Mar High School Parent

“She got into UCLA! Thank you Cindy for everything and for showing us the road . . . we really appreciate it . . . money well spent!” Farideh L.

University High School Parent

“Last night was certainly helpful. We feel very fortunate to have you as our “leader” for Lauren’s college quest.” Terry E.

Santa Margarita High School Parent

“Marty felt the session was productive and would like to continue Your discussion points regarding outlook to high school were great and right on target. Your discussion helped to refocus Marty’s energy and complements many of the conversations we have had. So thank you greatly, Cindy, and we’ll all do our homework assignments.” Nancy C.

Servite High School Parent

“HE GOT IN!!!!!!!!! At 3:05 he clicked and found a message that said Congratulations you have been admitted to the class of 2013 Cornell Engineering THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR [James].” Sage Hill Parent

“Thank you so much for meeting with us last night. It was great and scary all at the same time! There’s a lot to do and I know with your help, it will go smoothly – yeah!” Beckman High School Parent

“[Sarah] was accepted!!!!! Thanks is not enough to you! We could not have survived this without you! . . . The admissions counselor said they” fell in love” with [Sarah]!!! So much thanks to you again” Sage Hill Parent

“Cindy – [Ben] got accepted to Boulder today. That is a big one. So, we are happy. Thanks a million for everything. We will happily recommend you to anyone and everyone.” Woodbridge High School Parent

“We are so excited . . . [She] got into Duke and Penn . . . Thanks for all of your help and advice. It was a great learning and growing experience for [Jane]. The best part was the way you kept her on track and made sure she got it all done before school started which was a big relief. Writing all of the essays really is great practice and I gained a lot of insight into [Jane] as well through the process.” Corona Del Mar Parent

“Hi Cindy, Thanks so much for last night – it was very helpful and you are wonderful for [Jessica] – she really likes you which is so cool. . . . Again Cindy, you did a wonderful job with us last night, I sincerely appreciate it.” Foothill High School Parent

“Thank you for all your help. It made all the work less difficult to get through, and you were most encouraging when he really needed it.” Santa Margarita High School Parent

“Thank you so much for your work with Haley – she is really enjoying you, and although she is stressed about this process, working with you has made it a lot easier and clearer, and I am deeply grateful for this.” J. Serra High School Parent

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