Educational Consulting for Middle School – 12th Grade

Study Skills Consultation

For middle school through college students.

This visit includes:

  • Student questionnaire to better understand current approach being used by student;
  • Detailed evaluation of current study skills habits and routines;
  • Assistance in implementation of new approaches to more successful, organized, and self-driven process that follows the basic tenets outlined in my book The Everything Guide to Study Skills;
  • Assist students by outlining a new plan to find personal success in the area of study skills;
  • This is a one-time meeting which can be repeated annually or semi-annually if needed. This is not a weekly or monthly supervised relationship. Follow up phone calls or emails are included as needed.

Middle School Visit

Middle School visit includes:

  • For parents and students seeking guidance and support during the transition process from middle school into high school.
  • Also address study skills, time management, teacher, academic, extracurricular concerns/issues occurring in middle school.
  • For 8th graders also includes a personalized meeting to lay out a plan for coursework and navigating freshman year.
  • Some families use this as a time to brainstorm and discuss high school selection and options.

Eighth Grade Visit

Eighth Grade visit includes:

  • Discuss high school readiness, class selection and advising, extracurricular and summer experience discussion;
  • Teach steps to high school success as well as teacher relationship overview;
  • Answer all questions and concerns.

Freshman and Sophomore Visit

Freshman/Sophomore visit include:

  • All of the above list plus:
  • Plan and select high school classes and coursework, extracurricular activities, summer activities;
  • Meet with parents/student once in the fall or spring of freshman and sophomore year.

Junior Visit

Services provided for Junior Visit may also include:

  • Evaluate transcript and test scores and begin to discuss college goals;
  • Discuss and determine a plan for junior year courses and grades as well as senior year;
  • Discuss test-taking, summer options, volunteer work;
  • Advise on teacher recommendations;
  • Advise and overview on interview process and college visits;
  • Advise on extracurricular activities;
  • Answer all other questions pertaining to the admissions process.

Senior Visit

Services provided for Senior Session may also include:

  • All of the above plus last-minute planning for college admission and application process.
  • Lay out, discuss, plan, organize what needs to be done for the college application process. Referrals provided for senior process as requested.
  • * Cindy no longer offers the full college application package (“senior process”) which assists students one-on-one with the college applications and essays. Please inquire, however, about setting up a private college essay or application workshop for a student group at your school or organization if you are interested.

Parent and/or Student Consult for Boarding School, High School, or College Planning

  • This meeting is personally tailored to your specific needs and requests regarding your child and their high school or college future plans. Can advise on boarding school, high school, or college applications and process.
  • Specific attention is placed on “fit” and aligning expectations of parents and students with the realities of this highly competitive process.

Personal Statement (“Essay Only”) Help

  • I receive many inquiries from students and parents about help with crafting the “personal statement” essay. Due to this high demand, I now offer “essay only” assistance on a limited first-come, first-serve basis. I will brainstorm, read, and edit college essays. Essay sessions are billed by the hour. Meetings are held in person (CDC permitting) or via Zoom, and time is billed for the actual meetings as well as any additional time incurred to edit outside of meetings. Please email me to inquire about pricing.




Miller Advocacy Group

Contact Marci and her group for students with disabilities, learning differences and other individualized needs.
1000 Quail St. Suite 275
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 402-8266

Referrals for Senior Process:

Futurewise Consulting
Jenn Curtis
phone: (949) 478-3455

For current rates and fees please contact Cindy.


* Cindy no longer offers a senior process to complete the full college application process. Cindy does offer annual or one-time consultations for middle school-12th grade students as well as speaking engagements to schools, non-profits, and any other student or parent groups interested. (Please see the seminar page for a list of topics she presents or contact her directly to arrange a visit.)