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The Best College Admission Essays

50 Sample essays from successful college applications give a great idea of what colleges are looking for, also includes tips and advice on writing the essay, including content, style and format. VERY creative and compelling essays get creative juices flowing. Expert advice from admissions officials at Yale, Stanford, Penn, and other top schools on essays, admissions, and more is also included.

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Praise for The Best College Admission Essays

“Book contains excellent short section on insights, cliched ideas, suggestions for offbeat topics and treatments, and a useful long list of “Dos and Don’ts”.  The ‘best’ college admission essays are just that – split up by topic and type, these undergraduate essays are a good read when you are looking for material to unlock your own creative writing skills.” Book Review from statementofpurpose.com

“Much good advice from Stanford authors.” Hunter's Report

“I was accepted everywhere I applied!  This book helped me come up with essays that ultimately led to my acceptance at all 12 schools to which I applied (two of which are IVY league schools and all of which are ranked by US News at within the top 50 Doctoral Universities in the Nation)! I honestly don’t think I would have had a chance had it not been for this book!”

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“One of the most useful of the essay collections for college applicants. Tips are good, and well-organized. It is great to be able to read actual “winning” essays. In general, the tips are good, and this should be a guide for ALL high school students who wish to write better essays. Oh, yes. After using this book as a guide, my son got accepted, early decision, into a great school. So that’s worth a few stars.”

Reader from Hong Kong on Amazon

“Very comprehensive with valuable insights. I really liked this book because of the Advise From Experts section. The book consulted the Dean of Admissions from a dozen different colleges. The Admission officials discuss what they look for and what they hate. It was a candid section, and it had a unique outlook. The book also gave actual admission essays from students that everyone wanted and they grouped them into categories. This gave me valuable insights into what other students have done and what these students consider valuable experiences. Lastly, the book talks about do’s and dont’s. They weren’t the typical do’s and don’ts that you find in all of the other books. They had a unique spin and opened my eyes to some little known don’ts. Great book! Worth the investment! . . . the essays are great reading!”

Allison, from Puyallup, WA, email at Amazon.com

“Love this collection! For anyone teaching students how to write personal essays or how to prepare college essays, you have to see the model essays in this collection — if for no other reason than to read and show off the introductions. Students who have spent four years writing for standardized tests will find these openings fresh and inviting — a welcome departure from the formulaic. This collection reminds us what professional writing looks like and reminds us that writing should be a pleasure to read.”

Mary H-S

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