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The Everything College Checklist Book

Maximize your college experience!

The path to higher education is filled with college visits, paperwork, letters of recommendation, essays, and application fees—and that’s just to get in! After that comes the financial aid paperwork, student loan notes, scholarship applications, and vouchers—and that’s just to pay for it! Then come the roommate compatibility survey, the lists of what to pack, what supplies are need for classes, and the lists go on and on.

The Everything College Checklist Book is here to help. These valuable checklists help you keep track of applications, references, transcripts, and financial aid. There are lists of questions to ask potential roommates, what to pack for dorm life, and ideas for the supplies needed for stress-free studying. It’s the ultimate guide for making a smooth transition into college life.

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Press for The Everything College Checklist Book

Parents Learn ABCs of College Admission

by L.B. Editor Feb. 5, 2015 A panelist with experience navigating college entry provided reassuring advice about an anxiety-ridden rite of passage for parents and their children at the PTA’s Coffee Break talk last week. Participants included representatives of the high school counseling department and community college, a private college counselor and author, and a private standardized test prep provider. Parents learned that Laguna Beach High School provides ample help navigating the process if they can take advantage of the annual College Round Up, which hosts more than 100 college representatives for an open-house in Dugger Gym. Additionally, nearly 90 college reps visit the school for more intimate meetings with interested students. Each student can also take advantage of an online tool, Naviance, to stay organized, take interest inventories, research colleges or enrichment programs, sign-up for meetings with visiting college reps, or standardized tests, etc. Push button for full... read more

Coffee Break: How to Get Into College

Kate Rogers/Coastline Pilot February 5, 2015 Getting into college can be one of the most anxiety-producing rites of passage for parents and their children. In response, PTA’s Coffee Break hosted a panel Wednesday to discuss college acceptance tips. Participants included two representatives of Laguna Beach High School’s counseling department, a local community college counseling official, a private college counselor and author, and a private provider of standardized-test preparation. Dawn Hunnicut, a college and career specialist, emphasized the value of campus visits that provide an opportunity to start a relationship with someone from one’s dream school. Read the full... read more

Praise for The Everything College Checklist Book

“I was accepted everywhere I applied!  This book helped me come up with essays that ultimately led to my acceptance at all 12 schools to which I applied (two of which are IVY league schools and all of which are ranked by US News at within the top 50 Doctoral Universities in the Nation)! I honestly don’t think I would have had a chance had it not been for this book!”

Amazon Reader

“One of the most useful of the essay collections for college applicants. Tips are good, and well-organized. It is great to be able to read actual “winning” essays. In general, the tips are good, and this should be a guide for ALL high school students who wish to write better essays. Oh, yes. After using this book as a guide, my son got accepted, early decision, into a great school. So that’s worth a few stars.”

Reader from Hong Kong on Amazon

“Very comprehensive with valuable insights. I really liked this book because of the Advise From Experts section. The book consulted the Dean of Admissions from a dozen different colleges. The Admission officials discuss what they look for and what they hate. It was a candid section, and it had a unique outlook. The book also gave actual admission essays from students that everyone wanted and they grouped them into categories. This gave me valuable insights into what other students have done and what these students consider valuable experiences. Lastly, the book talks about do’s and dont’s. They weren’t the typical do’s and don’ts that you find in all of the other books. They had a unique spin and opened my eyes to some little known don’ts. Great book! Worth the investment! . . . the essays are great reading!”

Allison, from Puyallup, WA, email at

“I live in the States and periodically travel to Kenya to teach in a seminary. My assignment was to teach Study Skills to students who deal in English as second language. The first time I taught the course, I was looking online and piecing together documents and printing. When I found Cynthia Muchnick’s book, I purchased enough copies to put in my suitcase to take with me. The second time I taught this course, the students were enthusiastic about the course saying this should have been the first course they took when they began the program. 5 stars, Cynthia!”

Kathy B.

Amazon Reader

“This book is really good for young college students. Talked about learning to transform into an adult, learn to be responsible. I am an older student so wasn’t much help to me, but did have very good info on grants and internships. Thanks.”

Pharmacy Student

Amazon Reader

“This book is insightful, to the point and invaluable to any parent – or student – trying to navigate their way through their transition from high school to college. things change from generation to generation and this book is the only one i’ve found that represents today’s standards for tomorrow’s students. bravo!”

Sugar Mama

Amazon Reader

“This book is a must-read for students from middle school through high school and into college. It is easy to read and is loaded with great ideas and gudiance on college–how to choose the right university and how to succeed once you are there. The book starts with the early stages of college searching and provides tips for high school students who are just starting to think about college as well as practical advice for those who are already in college. It’s easy-to-read style takes what can be a dauting task–preparing and going to college–and makes it manageable. Highly recommend it!”


Amazon Reader

“The best aspect of this book is that it puts the responsibility for applying and settling in to college into the hands of the student. As a parent, I know I can micromanage the process, but like most teenagers, mine doesn’t want to listen to me. Furthermore, he will gain much more from the process by learning how to handle it himself. I hope my son will use this comprehensive guide throughout his application process and his first years of college to stay on top of the many things, big and small, he will need to consider.”


Amazon Reader

“The format makes this easy to read and refer back to as needed. The common sense tips are invaluable for any level of student, making this a handy reference tool. Ms. Muchnick is obviously knowledgeable and has a clear grasp of the issues and concerns of today’s students.”

Victoria G. DeFelice

Amazon Reader

“We have a high school junior and two freshmen. Over the last couple of years, we have gone to numerous seminars put on by college admissions advisors and been to several “coffee chats” with the high school counselors, etc. Moreover, my husband is a college professor. We thought we knew everything there was to know about the college admission process, but I bought the book anyway. What a good decision that was! The “Everything College Checklist” is so incredibly organized and helpful that it helped us synthesize all of the information we have received from various sources into one extremely user-friendly guide. The information is essential and it is written in a manner that is not confusing and won’t bore the high school students. I started out by reading it on my own, but there were so many instances that I read from it to my high school junior, that he picked it up and read it cover to cover himself!!! I highly recommend this book, even if you think you are already full informed like we did.”

Barbara Boarnet

Amazon Reader

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