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The Frugal Bride

Your Complete Guide to Saving Money on Your Wedding Without Losing an Ounce of the Romance

Would you like to save thousands of dollars on your wedding expenses and be showered with unique and elegant wedding ideas? You can! The Frugal Bride shows you step-by-step how to cut corners and costs for your special day without cutting out the class. You’ll discover:

  • Hundred of wedding deals on food, flowers, invitations, apparel, and music
  • Cost-effective ceremony sites and other bargain booking tips
  • Economical ideas for food and beverages
  • How to plan showers and reasonable rehearsal dinners on a shoestring
  • And much more!

With hundreds of money-saving tips, hints, and strategies, as well as inspirational bargain insights from couples, this indispensable reference will help you save a bundle in planning your once-in-a-lifetime celebration of your love!

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How to Lower the Cost of Your Child’s Wedding

Elisabeth Leamy / NextAvenue.org May 30, 2014 If your son or daughter is looking forward to wedding bells, you may be bracing for wedding bills. But in the age of career-minded adults waiting longer to marry than in the past, do the parents of the bride still have to pay? How about the parents of the groom? And more to the point: If you are on the hook, how can you cut costs without incurring the wrath of your child?   Read the Full... read more

Praise for The Frugal Bride

“Who doesn’t like to save money—particularly when planning a wedding? An essential resource for cutting costs without compromising the style of the wedding, this book has hundreds of great ideas and proves frugal doesn’t have to mean cheap.”

Carley Roney

editor in chief, www.theknot.com

“Cynthia Muchnick helps keep both your wallet and emotions in check without compromising elegance and style. Before you say ‘I do’ to the florist or photographer, you should first read The Frugal Bride cover to cover.”

Elizabeth Arrighi Borsting

travel writer and author, Celebrity Weddings and Honeymoon Getaways

“Once again, Cindy focuses on providing her readers with helpful information. Now, more than ever, it makes sense to be penny-wise, and Cindy outlines smart, stylish choices.”

Maria McBride-Mellinger

author, The Perfect Wedding Reception and The Perfect Wedding

“Who wants to start a marriage in debt? Cynthia shows us that frugal can be fun! Using these ideas you can still have the wedding of your dreams—and no one will know you saved money, too!”

Michelle Merker

television producer/host, Southland Today for KDOC-TV

“Wonderful, unique and tasteful budget solutions!! I wanted my wedding to be beautiful and classic but also uniquely us. I found this to be very difficult, particularly with the fact that my fiancée and I were paying for our wedding ourselves and were on a limited budget. Cindy’s book was full of great ideas that kept a budget in mind. I had a lot of wedding books that I had bought or had been given, and they all pretty much said the same things. However, The Frugal Bride was, thankfully, much different! It had lots of creative and fun ideas and really helped us make our day special.”

Amazon Reader

“Looking for a way to cut some wedding costs. I like many other brides out there had a budget that I HAD to stick to no matter what. I don’t come from money and I wasn’t marrying into it either. So when looking around at bridal books on tips and ideas I came across this one and hoped it to be everything it states on the front of it. The books itself is not too bad. It has many tips for ways to cut costs or avoid them all together. I mean some of it is common sense like making alot of your own things and well if you have a year to plan a wedding you may have time to do just that. I bought it used pretty cheap and it’s not a bad guide to have if you are planning a wedding. Just don’t buy it if you don’t have alot of time to invest in the wedding because having a cheaper wedding requires alot of time and effort on the bride’s part. I know:)”

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