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Will You Marry Me?

The World’s Most Romantic Proposals

This is a collection of romantic proposals – each capturing all the romance and magic of being in love. More than 50 newlywed couples share their precious memories in this illustrated collection that’s perfect for Valentine’s day.

Press for Will You Marry Me?

Just Dial 911

Cynthia C Muchnick / Chicken Soup Stories April 6, 2012 Marie and Michael had been for some time, and felt fortunate that even though they had different jobs, they were able to talk with each other through their work almost every day – Michael is a police officer, and Marie is a “911” dispatcher, both working for the same police department. One day, Marie received a call from Michael who said he was out on the road in his patrol car.   Read the Full... read more

A triple-word Scrabble score leads to marriage—and a book

Barry Lank / jWeekly.com March 1, 1996 Most books begin with a book proposal. Cynthia Muchnick’s began with a proposal of marriage. Muchnick’s hit book “Will You Marry Me? The World’s Most Romantic Proposals” began in 1992, when the former Cynthia Clumeck and Adam Muchnick were sitting in the Rodin sculpture garden in Paris.   Read the Full... read more

Praise for Will You Marry Me?

“Muchnick is the maven of magnificent marriage proposals . . . her little book has talk show producers melting her phone lines.”

Orange County Register

“Muchnick scoured the country to write about unusual marriage proposals and she found them.”

The Los Angeles Times

“[Muchnick] has become an unofficial guru on proposals…”

New England Bride

“. . . Will You Marry Me? The World’s Most Romantic Proposals [is] a feel-good book that categorizes innovative marriage proposal stories from A to Z (Athletic to Zany).”

The Washington Post

“Cynthia Muchnick . . . reigns as the unofficial “big-question queen.” She gives the lowdown on the magic of Valentine’s Day and why commitment in the 90s demands creativity.”

Coast Magazine

“You’re going to [read] about the most romantic and outrageous proposals ever made with this cute little book called Will You Marry Me?”

Mike & Maty, NBC

“Almost everyone dreams of having a beautiful wedding day. But what makes the beginning of the union really special? A romantic marriage proposal . . . Cynthia is here to share them with us.”

Good Day New York

“I love this [book]. It’s an inspiration for men to be creative . . . This is great!”

Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends, NBC

“It’s a book on romantic proposals and it is absolutely delightful. So, if you want to propose in an interesting way, all you have to do is get Cynthia [Muchnick’s] book.”

Sally Jessy Raphael, ABC

“Have you been wracking your brain trying to come up with the best way to ask the woman you love to marry you? You’ve come to the right place. [Cynthia Muchnick] is the author of an adorable little book . . . with chapters on wonderful ideas and stories about how to pop the question.”

NBC News

“I got a lot of interesting ideas from this book. The examples are good for asking people out on dates or to celebrate special occasions. It has really creative proposal ideas and ways to keep romance going strong after marriage too.”

Amazon Reader

“It is a very good quick and clever reference book, that chronicles from A to Z how others have proposed to their intended spouses. It can be read cover to cover in less than a hour and will keep you smiling for the rest of the day.”

Amazon Reader

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